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This sample order will give us the opportunity to discuss ideas and individual requests with you and arrange a price based on your particular requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us. In addition to our professional services, make use of our facultative compensation scheme.

Our clients include both private individuals and companies (restaurants, guest houses, B&Bs, small hotels, day nurseries and playgroups, health clubs, care homes for the elderly etc.).


We wash laundry the traditional way in high-quality small and large machines (Primus, Lavamac) with a daily capacity of around 250 kg. We prefer to use high-quality anti-allergenic, easily degradable washing powders supplied by Henkel. We wash each batch of laundry separately, so your order will never be mixed up with anyone else’s. We can easily wash blankets, quilts, covers, mattress protectors, winter jackets and so on. Large washing machines are more efficient and our large tumble dryers will easily take large blankets, quilts and jackets without risk of creasing.


Our new pressing machines will press your bed linen to a very high standard, without risk of overheating, scorching or mechanical damage. We can programme the machines to the desired temperature, which dries the linen as well. We fold linen by hand, which means that we are able to inspect each item carefully to ensure each order has been properly washed.


Our high-quality tumble dryers (Primus, Miele) dry all kinds of linen and laundry, including special fabrics – outdoor clothing etc. Our large dryers dry clothes quickly and efficiently without creasing. We will also fluff up your towelling fabrics, blankets, quilts, winter jackets and covers.


We wrap each order in special perforated plastic so that your laundry can breathe.

Tubie® ironing machine

We have a special Tubie® ironing machine which easily irons all types of clothing: shirts, T-shirts, short-sleeved and sports shirts, jackets, blouses, skirts and trousers. Our Tubie® machine will gently puff out your clothes and remove creases with warm air. We then finish up by simply ironing cuffs and collars if required. We also use the machine to iron sports clothes that cannot be ironed by hand, or very delicate fabrics, such as silk or synthetic fabrics. We will also hang your shirts on clothes hangers you bring us.

Family laundry

Ironing by hand – our special service for busy clients. We provide a quality hand ironing service. Simply bring in all your laundry that needs ironing and our staff will be glad to help (T-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers). We can arrange to hand iron your clothes within two days – see our special price list. We offer a discount for ironing shirts as part of this service. We also arrange collection and delivery upon request. We can wash and iron all your family laundry – just leave it to us!

Collection and delivery

We can arrange collection and delivery for private customers at affordable prices. Just let us know. Company orders naturally include collection and delivery. We deliver laundry in perforated plastic garment bags.


We have plenty of staff on hand to carefully inspect your laundry. Our service also includes stain removal, soaking, pre-washing and boiling upon request. We fold items by hand, which means that we are able to inspect each item carefully to ensure each order has been properly washed before it leaves our laundry.

Facultative compensation

Over 50% of our staff at Duhová Prádelna (DUHA Laundry) are people with health disorders. Our company therefore provides facultative compensation. Companies who use services provided by Duhová Prádelna (DUHA Laundry) will be fulfilling conditions stipulated by law no. 435/2004 Sb. § 81 on the employment of people with mental disabilities, which applies to firms with over 25 employees.

Two-hour express  service

Minor repairs and adjustments

Not only will you be extremely satisfied with our professional service, but you will also feel good in the knowledge that you have helped support a social enterprise which provides work for people with developmental disabilities. Choosing us is a good idea !